What were they thinking?

Before starting my journey into photojournalism I always wondered what photographers were thinking when they were taking photos. Was there some sort of extreme higher level thought process needed to produce eye pleasing photos?

Well, I made some photos I’m pretty happy with at Busch recently and thought back to what I was thinking when taking the photos. Little hint: there was no revolutionary thought process going on.

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STLCC makes an appearance at Busch Stadium

It’s been about a year since I’ve done any sports shooting so it probably wasn’t the wisest choice to wait and brush up on it during one of the better opportunities I have this year access wise.

STLCC played inside Busch today following the Cardinals game. Here are a few favorites out of of my little selection of keepers.


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Review: 9 first impressions switching from Tweetdeck to Hootsuite for Android


Recently, for various reasons, I started two additional twitter accounts besides my own, one professional and another a parody of sorts among friends. I’m a heavy user of Tweetdeck (TD), both on my Mac and my Droid, but TD doesn’t handle multiple accounts very well other than personal ones. I’m giving Hootsuite a try this week and after two days, it isn’t doing a good job of winning me over.

Some observations and comparisons to TD:

1. No background processes. If you want to attach a photo with that tweet you’re stuck waiting until that photo uploads before going back to check your timeline or do anything else within Hootsuite. My phone service is through US Cellular. Much to my dismay, they have yet to launch 3G service in St. Louis and surrounding areas. That photo is going to take five or more minutes if I’m moving around. Not okay for my twitter use.

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Social media worst practices: Capitalizing on a storm, the @dotjenna story.

Inspired by @Rizzotees’ blog post and after watching the exchanges unfold on my timeline, this was too good (read: terrible) to pass up as a display of how to not conduct yourself on twitter or in general.

Embedded below is my Storify on the subject.

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Schnucks tries and fails using QR codes in TV ads

I’m all for innovative QR code use. I include one on my business card to link to a page here on my site. Whenever I see one in public I’ll usually take the time to scan it just to see how companies or individuals are using them. Tonight while fast forwarding through commercials during The Office I saw a QR code fly by in a Schnucks ad. I made the rare move of actually watching the ad, pausing it at the end to try to scan the QR code.

Only one problem, I couldn’t scan it.

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My first Storify: A Study Into How News Orgs Use Twitter Favorites

I compiled my first Storify yesterday. There are many varying uses for Twitter’s favorites function. Retweets are generally not considered endorsements, but what about favorites? I took a look into what news orgs were hitting favorite on and asked them about it. Their replies and favorites are embedded below.




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Arnold, MO Quarry Mulch Fire


It was the biggest fire I have ever seen. A mulch pile caught on fire Sunday night around 8:30 in Arnold, MO. Since the mulch was far from any hydrants, firefighters didn’t actually begin getting any water on the fire until about three hours later when pumps arrived to pump water from the nearby Meramec River. Listening to them talk at the scene it sounded like it was going to be a 24 hour operation to put it all out. Heavy equipment is needed to pull the compacted piles apart. At least the fire made for a great backdrop. They were not happy at all to be back there for a second time. They spent their Fourth of July holiday putting out a fire at the same mulch pile.

I think this is my favorite from the night. I’m planning on heading back out as the sun rises in the morning since they will still be there fighting it and posting more photos tomorrow evening.

Edit: Trimmed up the right side of the photo just a bit.


My column brings change, and quick

I wrote a column in the lastest issue of our school newspaper about my college’s lack of proper social media use (read it first if you haven’t already). I was pretty critical in it, admittedly. I was only hoping to eventually see some silent changes in how they conducted their social media strategy online. Tonight I saw a tweet that made my week.

(tweet link)

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