Walk-off home run by Freese, Cardinals force World Series Game 7

The Montage crew watched the unbelievable game six tonight in a sports bar near our hotel in Florida. I watched them watching the game and got a few good ones. The table behind us had the only Ranger fans and we were the only Cards fans. Needless to say, we’ll be back tomorrow.


Color isn’t perfect, but I have convention sessions in a few hours to attend. Updates to come later.

STLCC—Meramec Presents “The Rocky Horror Show”

I lost my Rocky virginity this week shooting the rehearsals for Rocky Horror at Meramec for The Montage. This will no doubt be the most visually covered event so far this year with a photo booth being set-up for show goers, extensive video work being done by our fine video editor and still images of the show to accompany the story. I can’t think of a better event to pull out all the stops for after seeing it.\

Too many favorites to show them all. More to come in a slideshow on The Montage next Tuesday.

STLCC makes an appearance at Busch Stadium

It’s been about a year since I’ve done any sports shooting so it probably wasn’t the wisest choice to wait and brush up on it during one of the better opportunities I have this year access wise.

STLCC played inside Busch today following the Cardinals game. Here are a few favorites out of of my little selection of keepers.


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Arnold, MO Quarry Mulch Fire


It was the biggest fire I have ever seen. A mulch pile caught on fire Sunday night around 8:30 in Arnold, MO. Since the mulch was far from any hydrants, firefighters didn’t actually begin getting any water on the fire until about three hours later when pumps arrived to pump water from the nearby Meramec River. Listening to them talk at the scene it sounded like it was going to be a 24 hour operation to put it all out. Heavy equipment is needed to pull the compacted piles apart. At least the fire made for a great backdrop. They were not happy at all to be back there for a second time. They spent their Fourth of July holiday putting out a fire at the same mulch pile.

I think this is my favorite from the night. I’m planning on heading back out as the sun rises in the morning since they will still be there fighting it and posting more photos tomorrow evening.

Edit: Trimmed up the right side of the photo just a bit.


Photographing the Final Hours of My Childhood

This past weekend I photographed the inside of the preschool I grew up in before the demolition process started today. It’s kind of weird to say you grew up in a preschool, but I did just that. My mom started as a teacher’s aide from the time I had my first day, to being the Director of the school today. So that building and a good amount of the teachers still there have seen me grow up most of my life. They just finished their new building and the old one is partially being demolished and the rest is being used for a new elementary school.

It was bittersweet walking those halls for the last time. Their new building, from what I hear, is everything my mom would ever want in a school, but the old one holds so many memories for our family. I took this as an opportunity to work on the fine art side of photography, an area I think I’m lacking in.

Please, feel free to leave any feedback below or anywhere you see this posted. Little processing was done, mostly because I’m no good at it.

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